About us

We are a young, fast-developing firm originated from its founders' passion and experience. Arnes Sp. z o.o. (private limited company) is a firm created by energetic and professional people. It is through competitive offers that we have shortly achieved recognition both at home and abroad. We are continually investing in our industrial park, and that enables us to improve steadily.


Since the very beginning our firm's domain has been single ply napkins of 1/4 and 1/8 fold.
However, the firm's offer is much wider and it comprises a variety of high-quality hygienic and industrial products.


In the next few years Arnes is intending to focus on strengthening the firm's position on Polish and international market but still the major goal of the firm will be satisfying the present and future clients by offering the best-quality products.
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Arnes Sp. z o.o. 

Dzieci Głogowskich 1 Street    67-200 Głogów 

NIP 6932177243     Regon 361144529 

KRS 0000554796 

+48 696 687 427